About Kolbi Turner - Vancouver’s Mortgage and Refinancing Specialist

Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC

Meet Kolbi Turner, Specialist Mortgage Broker in Vancouver, BC at Dominion Lending Centres.

I became a Mortgage Specialist in January 2006, and have found that this profession very fulfilling and rewarding. I have been involved in real estate transactions, the purchasing and investing in real estate since 2002. I am an expert in residential mortgage transactions whether purchasing or refinancing I have the knowledge to help you navigate in this market.

The brokerage firm I work under Dominion lending is the largest in Canada for mortgage professionals. Our company can service client request’s from British Columbia to the Maritimes with a backing like that you know you’re in great hands.

With sales excellence, completeness and accuracy in the details to each and every deal. I will commit to you an excellent customer service, with an experience in customer service spanning over 25 years of working with public directly I am sure I can answer your questions with crystal clear answers. I look forward to helping you in the future.

...Remember I work for YOU not the banks...

Thank you

Kolbi Turner